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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 18, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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♪ >> right now get ready for one bitter wake up call. we found these people prepared for a wet and chilly night in rittenhouse on live radar you can see that the rain has moved on out but it's the cold that is grabbing our attention g evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. scott, on your radar it will be the coldest morning of the season. >> it really is, iain and lucy n cold air it's moving in from the canada moving in from the great lakes as we speak. 19 in pittsburgh. 13 right now in chicago. nine in minneapolis. we're hanging on to the 40s right now in philadelphia. 46 degrees. but those temperatures will continue to tumble. we're drying out after the rainfall but that arctic blast is moving in overnight lows area wide blow freezing.
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the winds they will be picking up there could be patchy black ice tomorrow in spots where that water the rain from today doesn't van wait but here's the bottom line. wind chills will be in the teens and, yes, single digits. current wind chills right now, it feels like 25 degrees in the pocono mountains. feels like 33 in pottstown. upper 30s already feeling like temperatures in wilmington. by midnight we're looking at feels like temperatures dropping rapidly. what to expect tomorrow morning tuesday 8:00 a.m. it will feel like 14 degrees in philadelphia. single digits north and west. sue serio will have the latest on this arctic blast at 4:00 a.m. bob kelly with traffic and coming up i'll talk about when to expect record low temperatures but there is a bit of a warmup in the seven day forecast. i'll tell when you. iain and lucy coming. >> talk to you then, scott crash along kelly drive injured a police officer and four others just after 6:00 tonight in strawberry mansion. three vehicles were involved. the officer and three of the others are in stable condition
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at nearby hospitals. we do not know the condition of the fifth person. history in the making right here in philadelphia. pope francis will make the trip to the city of brotherly love. the pope announcing it himself today from rome sparking around of cheers across the city and a flurry of preparations. >> dave schratwieser is finding out how the city plans to protect the pope and as many as 2 million visitors first bruce gordon shows us the hard work that brought us to this point and the major celebration ahead for the city. >> reporter: he's one of the most charismatic and influential leaders on the world stage and he's coming here. the news has cath rick young people in particular fairly buzzing with anticipation. >> oh, my goodness. pope francis one of my favorite people ever. i'm such a fan. >> reporter: pontiff made the announce many midday in rome he spoke in italian but the most important word was easy to translate. >> in philadelphia. >> reporter: hours later midday in philadelphia, local officials repeated the
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announcement in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the art museum on whose steps the pontiff will preside at the world meeting. >> philadelphia, the big city for big events and we could not be more excited. >> reporter: news of the pope's intention to visit philadelphia had been a poorly kept secret since march when the local delegation visited francis at the vatican. governor tom corbett formally invited the pontiff during a brief outdoor audience. >> the holy father answered our invitation by whispering three words in tom's ear, i will come. >> reporter: the pope is expected to leave the fest -- lead of festival of families saturday september 26th and celebrate mass in front of perhaps a million worshipers on the parkway the next day. huge employees will overcrowd the region's supply of hotel rooms. individuals will be asked to open their homes to out of town visitors. the worlding 2015 will get lots of press coverage.
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>> huge significance for philadelphia. you know, for philadelphia to have this type of a win just quantum leaps us into a global city. >> reporter: for the kids it will be all about the man. and his significance their life and to their faith. >> the idea of being able to see the hope face to face in person. >> that would be great. if that ever happened for me that would be great. >> reporter: even from a distance not so bad. >> even from a distance that would be good, too. planning for security and traffic lodging has been underway for sometime now. with the assumption that the pope would be in attendance. fundraisers are about halfway to their goal of the $45 million needed to stage this event. mondays toes announcement of the pope's visit will no doubt bring an added jolt of enthusiasm to that effort. overlooking the parkway, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> the pope's mass could draw more than a million people to the parkway so security will be elaborate and expensive. fox 29's dave schratwieser live
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on ben franklin parkway tonight with that part of the story. dave. >> reporter: iain you just heard bruce say the cost of the pope's visit will be about $45 million. a big chunk of that will go towards security. tonight commissioner charles ramsay and septa police chief tomness tell told mow when it comes to protecting the pope and the public here on the parkway philadelphia will be ready. >> nothing we can't handle. >> reporter: when pope francis comes to philadelphia next september, it will be all hands on deck for police in the regi region. protecting the pontiff and up to 2 million people moving in and out of the city for the world meeting of families will be a tall task. >> we should be in pretty good shape. we really starting planning for this last year. >> reporter: commissioner ramsay believes the toughest part of making this a successful visit for the pope and on lookers will be moving all those people around and protecting them. there could be one to 2 million people on the parkway for a papal mass. >> logistics of it really is a
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challenge. i mean where do people come when they either come by train or they come by bus or they drive? what kind of shuttle service we'll have into the main venue. >> reporter: septa police tom nestle will have the lead when it comes to protecting a million or so people who take trains, buses or the subway to see the pope. >> any time you have an event where there's a large gathering of peel we're always concerned the fact that the pope is at the center of that, um, triples that concern. >> reporter: fbi, secret service and other agencies will also be hands on. all the latest security technology will be in play like septa's massive surveillance camera rah network, the city's camera network and portable cameras, too. >> we'll have a lot of tricks up our sleeves. >> the commissioner has been involved in papal security before in 1979 when he was a sergeant in the chicago employees department. >> i was standing on a post for hours waiting for the pope to come by and he drove by at about 50 miles an hour and it took all of about five seconds for him to
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get by me report roar nestle believes the pope's visit will be one for the city to celebrate and be proud of. >> on that sunday night, we'll all be looking back at, man, i'll tell was philadelphia really stepped up. >> reporter: now, the commissioner and the chief would not discuss specifics tonight. ramsay says he's not certain of the cost at this point. did he tell me that the city recently revamped its earlier retirement program for police officers that will keep an extra 200 cops on the force through the pope's visit. iain? >> dave, thank you. our coverage of the upcoming visit continues on our website. just head to where you'll find the full details from today's announce many plus how local leaders are responding to the big news. >> new castle county police say they have busted a burglar holding more than 100 pieces of jewelry. twenty two year old darrin careen has been linked to six burglaries. police say he rode around the neighborhoods on a bicycle to commitment burglaries. detectives are trying to link him to other break ins. >> developing right now a child
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welfare caseworker is recovering after getting stabbed almost two dozen times by someone she had once helped. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live at cooper hospital in camden and sabina this happened just days after the child welfare offices lost their police force? that's right lucy. the union tells me the last armed officers left on friday to budget cuts. caseworker is here in critical condition at cooper hospital suffering 21 establish wounds. camden county police investigate after a department of children and family's caseworker is violently attacked and stabbed on the fourth floor of this state building. it happened just after 1:00 o'clock monday afternoon. the weapon, a steak 95. the alleged assailant, a one-time client. >> the suspect in this is -- has a history of mental illness. there is no real logical reason why this occur. there was nothing that triggered or provoked this other than the suspect went in there and just when she saw the caseworker immediately began stabbing her.
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>> reporter: camden county police chief says it was another d.c. f worker who bravely tackled the 30 year old suspect possibly saving his co-worker's life. the victim is 30 years old and police say she had one time had been a caseworker for the suspect and the suspect's children. the chief says that doesn't appear to have played roll in the stabbing. >> the last several months they've withdrawn all the human services police officers. >> reporter: state director for the communications workers of america the victim's union. she says state budget cuts eliminated officers assigned to d.c. f offices. the last few left the haddon avenue office on friday. it's been working on the same floor as the victim. building has security at the front door. the union now demanding metal detectors and more safety measures. co-workers, family and friends holding vigil by the victim's bedside late into the evening. >> the family is traumatized. any family would be traumatized. but they holding it together. >> reporter: and late tonight the union tells me they will get
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their armed officers back in light of this incident but no word on how long that will last. meantime the police do have the suspect in custody and we're told charges are pending. iain? >> i'll take it, thank you very much, sabina. doctors say a surgeon who contracted ebola and died had initially tested negative for the virus in sierra leone even though he did have symptoms. by time doctors actually diagnosed dr. salia with ebola the disease had progressed significantly much when the 44 year old from maryland arrived back in the states he was already in very bad shape. doctors say that delay probably made it impossible to save his life. salia's death this morning marks the second person to die of ebola in the united states. >> on the heels of another american beheading by isis president obama is now backing off his promise of no american combat troops on the ground in the troubled region. aid worker and former army ranger peter kassig is now the third american and fifth westerner murdered by the
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terrorists. the president says chang changig circumstances might at some point require americans to fight alongside iraqis against isis. >> a burlington county softball league now out $3,600 and tonight prosecutors have charged a husband and wife with stealing that money from the softball organization they helped oversee. daniel and melissa o'hara live in pemberton township. he was the president of the central burlington county girls softball league and his wife was the treasurer. >> rust, wall spackle and bad breaks that's what a delaware mechanic found when he put this car on the lift. so what does the seller have to say? >> i did not know about it. >> you have to know about it. it's your obligation as a merchant to know about it. >> i did not know about it. >> one more thing, it passed state inspection. fox 29 investigates is ahead. >> how low can you go? thieves with arms full of stuff they stole from a church and it gets worse than that. the mess police say they left inside that will probably have
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you shaking your head. >> and tying the knot behind bars. infamous serial killer charles manson has a new bride to be. what we're learning about the bizarre nuptials. >> and finding pearl a permanent home. she was rescued and now weeks later she's ready for her new family, her a amazing recovery ahead. >> skip the running around your favorite philly staple brought right to your doorstep. the new service launching tonight that could get you
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♪ >> she bought car for her ken year old hoping to give her a special gift for her birthday,
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but now she fears she put her child' live in danger. >> a lot of questions here. how did this dangerous rusted out vehicle ever hit the road being the biggest one, fox 29's investigates found out and jeff cole is in the house. >> reporter: when a mechanic put the car on the lift he was stunned by its condition. but what was more shocking, the vehicle actually passed a state auto inspection. candy apple red a sporty chevy two door, just perfect thought tara hilton for her 16 year old daughter. >> she loved it. hugged me a thousand times. we just excited to get driving. >> reporter: but the single mom's dream of giving her child a special gift on her 16th birthday has now crumbled. >> it's folia par as i touch it here. >> reporter: into a frightening nightmare. >> you now believe that the car you bought for your 16 year old is a death trap? a death trap. it was basically just waiting to fall apart and any little
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accident probably would have taken her life. >> reporter: it was fall of last year when after searching high and low for an end expensive car hilton found the 2003 cavalier at a american dream dealership in newark. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> i'm good. are you mr. juan? >> yes. >> reporter: to dion juan is the owner. more from him in a moment. hilton says they settled oh an price of 1800 bucks and juan demanded cash for what he said was a good car. >> he told you this car was safe? he told me it was safe. >> reporter: it was perfect. >> perfect. perfect. okay to put your 16 year old daughter in this car. definitely. >> now you know -- it's complete opposite. it was in fact probably the worst thing i could have put her in. >> reporter: here's why. the car is riddled with rust. >> as you can see, you barely touch it and it falls. >> reporter: and in the worst places. throughout the main supports on
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both the driver and passenger sides which hold up the vehicle. >> it gets worse up here. >> reporter: it's not just all that rust. what is that? >> wall spackle. wall spach gel. >> yeah. >> reporter: you heard right. wall spackle used in houses and paper plastered on to the rust to hold it in place before sale. and covering all of that, a piece of red plastic called a spoiler kit placed over the rust to make the deception complete. >> this car should have never been put on the road. >> reporter: mechanic tito rosa found the car's many problems when he put it on the lift. >> it's very rusted like it's been sitting on, you know, in a swamp underneath water or even damp area. this car is death trap on 16 year old just learning how to drive. >> reporter: this -- the way they did this mean the brakes could fail and you cannot stop this car. >> exactly. >> reporter: discovered a
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quick fix brake job that already begun to fail. >> when you applied the brakes they didn't work. every day it got worse and worse. >> tara hilton says after buying the car last november she parked it in her driveway using it sparingly until her daughter's probation period ended when her daughter began driving the car this fall and the serious problems started she says she called the dealer for answers. dion juan carries a delaware issued wholesale dealers licen license. the delaware dmv tells fox 29 investigates wholesalers may not celery tale or directly to customers like tara hilton. >> i'm a wholesaler -- >> juan ran hilton's purchase through a georgia based car dealer. they're investigating. it also looks like he sells cars right in front of his newark condo. it's where tara hilton says she found the chevy. >> are you familiar with this car, this 2003 red chevy cavalier.
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i forgot. >> forget it. yes. >> let me show you pictures of it. we showed him video of the rust, spackle and questionable brake job. he says hilton bought the car as is and he didn't know about all of that rust. >> reporter: it's not your fault? >> it's not my fault. >> reporter: you don't think you have any obligation to make sure the car is safe. >> i cannot put any person in dangerous situation. >> reporter: you wouldn't do that. >> but did you it. >> but i did not know about it. >> reporter: you have to know about it. it's your obligation as a merchant to know about it. >> i did not know about it. >> reporter: when she came back to you and said i got a problem car i want my money ba back -- you told her to pound sand. >> i'm done with you. >> reporter: you told her to get out of here. some couldn't get her money back. >> i said i'm done with you. >> reporter: i don't care. i'm going to still ask you questions. >> juan refuses to pay the five grand hilton's layer has demanded. he says she took too long to alert him to the problems and should have had a mechanic take a look at the car.
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but juan who demanded he be allowed to put on a suit jacket before speaking further does not appear to have taken a close look at the chevy either. she said you told her it was in very good condition and it was a very good car. that's what she said you told her. how did you know that? the car is all roughed out. how did i know? i'm not a mechanic. >> you have topping what you're selling. i know what i'm buying and i know -- i'm selling -- i'm buying car and selling car. i don't go under the car and look at the car. >> hilton's lawyer says they'll sue. >> we'll claim fraud. this is a pure and simple situation where she was was sold something with assurances that weren't correct, that statement that is needed to be made weren't made. and when you get ripped off, that is what happens. >> repeporter: but there's another problem. stuck on the license plate of the chevy is a valid 2015 state
3:20 am
of delaware inspection sticker. that's right. it passed at a state run inspection center like this one. the dmv spokesperson says, its inspect looked at the brakes, wipers, lights and emissions. >> making sure that it's in save running order. all those things passed. >> reporter: we asked about the vehicle's major problems. >> rust and plaster? >> right. >> reporter: passes? >> yes. >> reporter: that's okay yes. >> yes. >> reporter: rust falling down on to the floor? >> yes. >> reporter: in garage much that's okay? >> the car still drivable car, yes. >> reporter: had your inspector scene that they still would have said it was okay? >> yes. >> reporter: stunned by that answer, we pressed again. >> your ago tom that will be -- >> let me answer that. >> reporter: only this time the dmv's chief of vehicle services sitting in the room interrupted to say this. >> had something noticeable
3:21 am
whether it's rust or another structural deficiency the inspector had saw it we don't let unsafe vehicle on the road. >> get her to and from work and local travel. >> reporter: tara hilton says she still struggles with the fear of what could have happened to her daughter. >> i was shocked, mortified, angry. i was upset, sad, guilty that i put her in it. >> reporter: new castle county, delaware, says juan's car business is in a area zoned residential not commercial. it's already told him once not a sell cars there. they say they're going back for another look while the dmv investigates as well. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> absolutely amazing, jeff. about as amazing a fine that a homeowner at her backyard. take a look at this. she dug up dozens of tombstones and they're not halloween decorations. what she discovered when she started looking for answers. >> serving overseas he almost lost his life. now this veteran and his fiance'
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know better sleep with sleep number. t in more than 300-thousand ambulatory care visits each year among children hi, i'm trace adkins and my daughter, brianna, is one of the three million children in the u-s living with potentially life-threatening food allergies. [trace adkins] to learn more about food allergies, please speak with your doctor or visit food allergy dot org more than 12 million americans have food allergies so until there's a cure, it's crucial we learn how to respect every bite.
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[female announcer] a public service from faan: the food allergy and anaphylaxis network. >> detectives of new york city have surveillance video of a man they believe pushed a 61 year old man to his death in front of a subway train. he was waiting with his wife when the attacker walked up from
3:25 am
behind and pushed him on to those track. police are hoping the video leads to the killer very soon. missouri's governor declared a state of emergency. grand jury decision on charges in the michael brown case is expected any day. protester it's want the officer who shot the unarmed teen char charged. several hundred demonstrators staged a dye in on the streets of st. louis. they laid down outside a downtown theater pretending to have been shot by other protests playing the role of police officers. national guard has been activa activated to help police if there's civil unrest when the grand jury decision is announced. >> a california homeowner makes quite a discovery while cleaning up her new backyard. >> she found a dozen tombstones but that's not even the shocker after making the discovery she thought she purchased a cemetery and not a home. the homeowner immediately called authorities. cops became suspicious when they noticed errors on the headstones it turns out there were no bodies. the previous homeowner purchased the tomb stones at a discount turned them over and used them
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for pavers. >> wedding bells ahead for charles manson? the serial killer is about to say i do. who is the bride to be? >> not so fast. a passenger at philadelphia international airport accused of trying to smuggle pounds of cocaine. where police say she was caught storing her stash. scott? >> iaallergies is on the riseend
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especially among children. [ambulance sirens] in fact, food allergies result in more than 300-thousand ambulatory care visits each year for kids under 18. hi, i'm trace adkins and i know how hard it is to live with food allergies. my daughter, brianna, is one of the three million children in the u-s living with potentially life-threatening
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>> right now an investigation after a violent incident at a philly prison. three guards got hurt in an inmate is now facing even more trouble. chaos erupting earlier today at philadelphia industrial correction center in holmesburg. to it in the man authorities say hurt the guards is under arrest. but plenty questions remain about what happened and how it could happen. dave kinchen is live outside the prison. dave? >> reporter: that's right. prison officials have canceled visitation for tomorrow and search lock down in place. this as a special investigative team will be here tomorrow to probe this whole attack. in the meantime those injured officers are on the road to recovery tonight. more violence at the philadelphia industrial correctional center in holmesburg this time after officers break up a brawl between inmates. >> in this case this individual was habitual offender. >> reporter: 49 year old fred avery, jr. was angry at three officers for stopping a fight he was in and lunched at them with
3:30 am
what's believed to be a sharpened screw. >> parent hal a homemade weapon secreted in his cell he retrieved. he, um, stabbed the sergeant in the head and when the officer tried to wrestle him away from the sergeant he attacked the officer. >> reporter: striking him in the head about six times. prison commissioner says the third officer was stabbed in the left hand after trying to rescue his colleagues. the victim rushed to aria torresdale hospital. >> they sustained injuries but they weren't life threatening. we got lucky today. >> reporter: commissioner says avery was placed behind bars in 2013 for making terroristic threats and aggravated assault. >> this person was incarcerated on violent charges. managing that type of individual there's a danger associated with that. >> reporter: last week four inmates were stabbed in unrelated incident. prison officials say risk comes with the job. >> it's an inherently dangerous environment. >> reporter: the two remaining officers in the hospital are in
3:31 am
stable condition and detectives at northeast tell us they expect charges to be filed against avery once the investigation is complete. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. a moment county man who plead guilty today to sending a romantic rival a card laced with the poison ricin is in trouble for something entirely different tonight. prosecutors say 19 year old nicholas hellman has spent his time behind bars plotting away to eat he get even with various people. he plead guilty to the ricin attack he admits he sent awry sis laced greeting card to his girlfriend's new boyfriend in march. he's been trying to get a fellow inmate to row tal 88 against co-workers, a detective and a prosecutor. a hearing on the new charges is set for january. >> mass murderer charles manson plans to tie the knot. the 80 year old intends to marry is 26 year old woman who visits him in jail. reports say they obtained a marriage license earlier this month after he lane burton had
3:32 am
goes by the name star left her midwestern home nine years ago to move near the prison. she runs several web sites lobbying for his innocence. the prison assigned a wedding coordinator this no date set yard. star loves manson and plans to marry him sometime next month. >> here's hoping tomorrow is much better one near drivers near indiana. police say a tractor trailer jackknifed after it couldn't stop ran no a median then set off a big chain reaction accident. fortunately no one was serious hurt. i still can't get over the fact karl manson is getting a wedding coordinator appointed to him at taxpayer expense. >> just like this weather. >> there could be little bit of apachi black ice lucy and iain for our spots for our area. the rainfall it's out of here. the wintry precipitation we're not looking at any moving in. but the cold air, it is definitely arriving. so drying out after that
3:33 am
rainfall over an inch in many spots today. below freezing temperatures overnight. the winds, they will continue to pick up and that will make it feel even colder with the wind chill. we're looking at teens, single digits across our area come tomorrow morning. we made it up to 50 degrees after that rainfall ended earlier this evening. the normal this time of year vick degrees. tomorrow we'll be doing good to make it above freezing. 46 right now in philadelphia. but look off to the west. 19 in pittsburgh. 25 in the music city nashville. 9 degrees currently in minneapolis. so that cold arctic air continues to head in our direction overnight. so let's look at the current temperatures. you can see it's 35 right now in the pocono mountains. 40 in lancaster. mid 40s right now in parts of south jersey. but we already have wind chills in the low 30s north and west. wind chills in the 20s right now in the pocono mountains. by midnight, we're looking at those wind chills really star starting to drop off and then by
3:34 am
8am on tuesday, feels like temperatures tomorrow morning in the teens along i-95. south jersey, single digits once we move north and west. then tomorrow afternoon, yeah, 19 degrees is what it will feel like at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. so dress appropriately. and then wednesday morning, take a look at the records. that potentially could be broken. the forecast is 20 in philadelphia. the record is 2019 arthritic. atlantic city 18 is the record, 18 is the forecast get ready for some of the coldest air of the season. the cold front sweeping the rainfall out but cold air continues to funnel in behind that system. we're looking at sunshine tomorrow. but it's not going to do much to warm us up. we'll keep things cold and sun sunny. quiet and dry as we move toward the middle of the week as well. so for tonight, 29 in the city. 22 in the suburb. high temperature in philadelphia tomorrow, 32 degrees. how about that? forecast by the numbers on a scale of one to 10, tomorrow it is a two.
3:35 am
as we look at that seven day forecast, 34 degrees on wednesday. 44 for thursday. so warming up a little bit. but staying well below average. 40 on friday. low 40s saturday and we rebound pretty nice we're looking at 55 degrees by sunday and then back into the 60s by monday of next week. last year, we had brutal winter. you want to know what to expect this winter? tomorrow night at 10:00 my exclusive winter wet authority forecast. we'll talk about how cold it's going get, the polar vortex and also how much snow to expect. >> do we have to talk about the polar vortex? we have to. sorry. >> that's -- scott williams farmers almanac. fantastic. surveillance cameras catch these guys taking off. accused of of robbing a church that's not all. police say they left inside that could leave you fuming. >> this guy just can't catch a break. first the door falls off his plane in the middle of a flight now what has u2 front man bono headed for the operating room. >> the dictionary just revealed its word of 2014.
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♪ >> a burglary at a church gift shop caught on camera. thieves breaking into the gift shop at saint mary's cathedral in austin, tech text, busting
3:39 am
through the top of the glass entrance. religious necklaces and medallions were stolen a statue of the virgin mary was knocked over and damaged. >> taking a look at your money center city residents have a new way to get everything from groceries to household products amazon fresh launched tonight sounds like fresh direct. customers can have more than 500,000 items for the same day or early morning delivery right at the doorstep. fresh groceries, electronics toys and much more. the program even allows customers access to purchase from their favorite local shops and restaurants. all right. maybe you never thought you'd be into wine that comes out of a box. well some experts say you're about to change your tune if you do think that. boxed wine only accounts for 18% of sales in america. but half the wine sold in australia, brazil, sweden and norway, that's all boxed. on average you get the equivalent of about, oh, four bottles for every $20 that's not bad. and experts say with demand
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growing, wine producers are putting better wine in the box boxes. >> all right. the oxford english dictionary just released it's word for the year 2014. >> that's right. are you ready for this one because this year's word is -- vape. it makes sense considering what's been happening with cigarettes later. vape describes breathing in the vapors from an e-cigarette. it's also announce. oxford researchers say use of the word is more than doubled since 2013 and we have other contenders for you tonight. there's bud tender which is somebody who works in a medical marijuana dispensary and this is my favorite. shock toy visit. >> an activist does as little as possible. slacker. >> unbelievable. >> i love that. i know. >> these are words now. words of the year. >> not so fast. check this out the passenger at philadelphia international airport accused of trying to smuggle pounds of cocaine. where police say she was caught
3:41 am
storing her stash. and -- >> she captured your hearts months ago. a poor monthly nourished pitbull mick barely 20 pounds. well look at her now. i'm chris o'connell in delaware county. coming up i'll tell you how pearl has a new leash on life. >> love that. and this. giving some of the most vulnerable babies a better chance at life. the brand new center rider here in philadelphia
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♪ >> customs agents at philadelphia international airport have arrested a brooklyn woman after discovering more than 2 pounds of cocaine in her baggage. 22 year old jodi a inform n graham arrived from jamaica last month. agents say they found one package of cocaine zone inside the bottom of each of two bags estimated street value about $80,000. >> fox 29 getting results for a trenton woman who has -- two dogs were stolen we told you back at 56:00 pat foley's story. her two dogs taken from her backyard. to night we're happy to report louie and zoe are back home. the dogs went missing on sunday from a special enclosure behind
3:45 am
foley's second street home. she thanks fox 29 for helping her get her pooches back where they belong. >> that is a great thing right there. now, this lucky dog might be unrecognizable to you. she's come a long way from last month when we first shared her story. her name is pearl. she's pitbull terrier that was only 20 pounds when she was rescued in chester. well now as our chris o'connell reports, she's looking for her forever home. >> reporter: you may be hard pressed to find a happier dog than pearl. that's why it's so hard to imagine this was pearl about a month ago. >> she was really bad. she barely weighed 20 pounds. she was having trouble walking. you know she was just starving. >> reporter: the starving pitbull mix just skin and bones was brought to the delaware county spca after being seized by animal control officers from a backyard in chester last mon month. >> it's just disgusting. i don't know how you could look at a dog and not want to take
3:46 am
care of it. you know, watch a dog suffer like that. >> reporter: jay has been fostering pearl for the past few weeks. her heartbreaking story and that cute little face captured the hearts of just about anyone who walked in the door. in fact so many of you have been calling us asking about this d dog, we are happy to report she is now on the mend and looking for a new home. >> she's gained more than 25 pounds. the wagon is back in her tail. and she's being put up for adoption. applications are being accepted for pearl through sunday. >> she's meant so much. she's the cut test little face of the delco spca now. she's friendly with kids, cats and other dogs. >> pearl was diagnosed with lyme disease but vets say it is very treatable. now it's just finding the right owner. >> it's going to be hard to, you know, say goodbye. >> saying that goodbye is going to be bittersweet for staff here. knowing that little dog who almost didn't make it will soon make a new family very happy.
3:47 am
in media, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> one of five cities bidding to host the democratic national convention in 2016 philadelphia appears to be the front runner. now it's just a matter of money. pennsylvania democratic leadership meeting today at city hall with business leaders and some folks with deep pockets putting op full court press to land the 2016 democratic national convention. former governor he had ren dollar the former chair of the dnc says philly is poised to winter bid after hosting a successful republican convention back in 2000 san. >> the d inform c has asked us to raise a significant amount of money for this convention. we submitted to them a detailed financial plan which she said was the best financial plan they got from any city. >> officials say fill l need to raise about $80 million to host the convention. the dnc is expected to make a decision by mid january. >> it has been quite the eventful few days for irish
3:48 am
rocker bono u2's lead singer is set to undergo surgery on his arm after a cycling accident in central park in new york city. the accident forced the band to cancel a week long stint on the tonight show supposed to be this week actually. band members expect him to make a full recovery and hit that stage again very soon. last week a door on his private plan blew out over germany but no one was injured. florida couple gets their dream wedding for free. it's all thanks to a local group that joined together to make a wish come true for a wounded veteran. before jacob leach and britney stroll down the aisle they endured a much longer journey. in 2000 sick jacob was known off a building hit by rocket grena grenade. he suffers from ptsd and traumatic brain disorder tampa farm along with local businesses vincent jackson of the buccaneers got together to give them a $50,000 dream wedding part of a program to thank wounded soldiers.
3:49 am
>> to see people stand up and support veterans and really understand what we go through and to do something like this, that was a big thing. >> the couple visited the farm as kids in fact they grew up across the street from one another. congratulations to them. >> absolutely. >> biggest killer of newborns is being born too early. >> you know so what's about to happen in philadelphia is enormous news and hopefully a game changer here. as it stands, in pennsylvania alone 16,000 babies are born too soon every year. and the babies who survive often have to deal with serious live long health are but a team at penn and doctors and researchers have their way babies born too early will some day become a thing of past. they and the march dimes announced the launch of a research center to find out what's behind pre term labor and zero in on treatment. march of dimes is investing $10 million into the project which funds five years of research. >> all right. howard what's coming up in
3:50 am
sports. >> a lot coming up. the eagles they talk about finding a way to pick things up after yesterday. but it is worse and imploding in washington. wait until you hear this. >> and the sixers continue to do what they do. and that's just lose, baby. just lose. that's coming up in sports.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ >> no disrespect to green bay. good football team. they played great today. with the way we played today we won't beat anybody. >> good point by jeremy maclin. unforced turnovers, poor he can
3:54 am
queuing. players and coach will tell you it's just one game and lesean mccoy doesn't think the best team wouldn't yesterday. >> i don't think they are a better team than us. they were today. that's all that matters. but no reason to talk about it. they were the better team today. i think overall we're a good team. we really are. we didn't play like today isn't when you look at the eagles play it wasn't just offense and defense. special teams really has been good season but not yesterday on the punt return but the players and the coach make a point. really it's just one game. >> our guys know were to do and we lost games before here and it's about coming back and not letting the same game beat you twice. you can feel sorry for yours in this league and you can have big once one week and not the other week much this what this league is all about. play each week and focus on the next opponent and that's what we're in the process of doing right now. >> sixers going for 10 straight. that's losses to start the season. the season of the tank. let's go to san antonio.
3:55 am
the game just started less than a minute in sixers with first turnover. they do that well. but they're not done with the turnovers. michael carter william coming off the bench a turnover again. they were only down by 70 after one quarter. if they don't care if they win why should we. >> 100-75. >> all right. you may think the eagles have problems after one loss. but the redskins are a team that's three and seven and already imploding after a loss at home to tampa robert griffin the third through his offensive line under the bus. >> i need every man in many in that locker room, player, coach everyone to look themselves in the mirror and say, what can i do better? take responsibility for it. try to find a way to get it out. try to find a way to change the protection to pick it up. even if everyone in here or everyone watching says there's no way you could have done that try to find way. >> rgiii should have kept his mouth shut after two interception game and brutal loss. desean jackson sent out instagram you can't do epic
3:56 am
bleep with basic people. the coach told rgiii to just shut up. >> his job to worry about his pig. his foot work, his fundamental, his reads, his progression. his job at the quarterback position much it's my job to worry about everybody else. >> now, there's a team that's really in trouble. >> yes. >> top to bottom. >> eagles are much better. >> thanks howard. remember tmz is coming up next. we're back at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 news morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue sr. yo will have your very cold weather polar vortex. >> he's got the big special coming up. remember? oh, my gosh. >> bob kelly will have all your jammo on traffic so stay tuned. >> with a jelly dough in you.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
ready or not here it is, the cold is back in town. taking a live look lots of people bun willed up at 69th street station, steve. >> reporter: well, not so bad, yesterday we reported on the pope coming to philadelphia, today, we have the second coming, of a contact even owe to philadelphia a. chris, did you like that dramatic pause. >> thank you. there will be a lot of that from viewers with the pope coming next september, steve. we have breaking news, john kerry is calling it an act of pure terror two palestinian storm jerusalem synagogue killing at least four people. we will have details this morning. bandits


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